The Bloom Box – A Long Awaited Energy Solution?

Planning for an upcoming writing blitz sent me off to the local discount store to pick up a steno pad (six inch by nine inch notebook with spiral binding along upper edge.) To my dismay, a simple shopping trip turned into an exhausting day trip.

2) Seal cracks around doors, windows, foundations, crawl spaces and wall outlets. Restricting cold air infiltration can shave a bundle off your total heating bill. Caulking, expanding spray foam and weather stripping are readily available at your nearest home center and the cost is very small.

Ditch disposable stuff and switch to reusable ones. One classic example is using reusable water containers instead of constantly buying bottled water.

Buy more eco friendly home products. Most products that we use in our homes everyday such as our bathroom cleansers, soaps, and dishwashing agents are produced in factories which emit toxic chemicals. This causes pollution and damage to the environment which in turn impacts our health in a not so positive way. If a lot of people would switch to more eco friendly products, then these factories won’t produce as much harmful products anymore.

Aside from its magnetic energy and its magical capability to help the environment in eliminating the usage of Texas prepaid electricity company, it is also very compact and very easy to install. I did not have a hard time setting it up in our home, and it only took a little space so it did not add to our usually crowded house.

Since solar power and wind power are green energy, they produce zero emissions. Meaning you, as an individual, help the world yourself to make it a better place.

Proper clearance for wood stoves and furnaces is another area in which a fire hazard is found. Most of the time the clearance stated by the manufacturer of an appliance is not legible or present. Using the knowledge of past installations one can make an educated judgment. Obviously when the wooden mantel is scorched by the gas log fireplace insert there is an issue with clearance.

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