Meditation As A Means Of Relaxation

Super successful business coaches, such as Anthony Robbins tell us that our lives are a result of our thoughts and that in order to change anything we don’t like, we must first change the way we think. But, it’s tough to change your thinking when your life is in shambles. And, if you don’t have extra cash to hire a personal coach, what do you do?

There are lots of different ways to relax, ranging from things like taking a warm bath through to full-on relaxation methods such as yoga, hypnosis or reiki stress relief. Choose one that works well for you and then endeavor to keep yourself on track with regular relaxation sessions.

That is good news. Why? Because if you caused it, you can simply reverse the situation by doing the opposite to what you have been doing to cause it. The question at this point is: What have you been doing to cause it? Probably the same as I had been doing over 30 years ago when I was a rather arrogant, strong-willed, stubborn youth. My abuse then had covered more than 10 years.

Typical treatments for carpal tunnel are vitamin B6, corticosteroids, anti-inflammatory drugs, and in severe cases, surgery. The fastest alternative/natural cure that I have found as a researcher and healer is called energy healing. Energy healing is a technique where the energy healing practitioner sends bio-energy, life force energy, chi/qi energy, prana, or zero point energy into the area of the median nerve in the wrist. This causes an almost immediate reduction in the pain and numbness in the hand. There are also nerves coming from the cervical vertebrae in the neck and upper thoracic vertebrae in the upper back which may be causing numbness and pain in the hand. Energy is sent into these areas as well during a healing session.

Jane and I identified her belief concerning payment for her services. As a child she learned her parents valued charity and service work more than a job. Her father always talked about the struggle of making ends meet. He worked long hard hours and would be traveling reiki stress relief for extended periods of time to support the family. Her mother, however, stayed home and did a lot of volunteer work. She spoke often about the importance of charity and volunteer work being an expectation.

The FIVE, on the other hand, is usually outgoing, charming and humorous and may talk a blue streak. They love change, song and dance and sex. They are fun to be around, unless you are a FOUR. FIVEs, however, can fritter away good energy on the meaningless. They may seem to be going in all directions at the same time and cannot focus. But, they are lovable never-the-less.

Whatever tricks your mind dreams up to stop you from meditating, once you know beforehand what to expect it becomes amusing to see the twists and turns the mind takes to stop you from meditating. Meditating is safe, easy, beneficial, healthy and therapeutic. It will do you no harm it will only relieve your of stress.

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