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Offer a Competitive Price. Be sure that it’s a win-win situation for you and your buyer. A smart way to get a price that will not scare off your buyers is to evaluate the value of the property. To determine the value of your home, you probably will want the advice of a real estate professional. Ask them to prepare a short market analysis for you, showing the recent selling prices of comparable properties houses to yours. You may also offer incentives to make the asking price more attractive.

It is what is says basically cash flow is the difference between your income and your expenses. Basically it’s your situation when it comes to your investment you can have a positive or a negative cash flow. If you dont know what one you want please dont read anymore!

So let’s assume that you are in the planning process for your commercial City Garden business and your market share. How much better should this year be when compared to last year? Would you like the income to be higher, or would you like the listings to be better? Perhaps you would like both. Either way you need a plan to take you forward.

The reason is simply the fear inside of everyone. The majority of people feel that it is to much work and to much of a risk to take. Even with all the helpful information thats out there today. People still feel they dont know enough to take the chance of investment. Fortunately for you it will always be this way and they will always be the ones supporting you with rent money each month.

Write down your plan and take action on it every day. Your plan will have to involve the new habits that are missing from your efforts of last year. Expect that the new habits may take a degree of practice and personal development. Sales, leasing, and property management all require special focus and skills; are you up to the mark when it comes to skills and knowledge?

OYou can expect that you will be more highly tuned in to your intuition and “gut feelings.” If your “gut feeling” says, “No” then you will listen to that rather than your “mind”, which doesn’t always tell the truth.

Again, this is exactly the sort of deal that attracts government scrutiny. The company seems to have lasted 4 or 5 years so far, which is amazing. This is not the type of deal to bet your future on.

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