Identity Theft – 5 Ways To Guard Yourself

Identity theft is a huge problem worldwide. It is not limited to adults; children can also have their identities stolen. It’s much harder to catch someone using a kid’s identity, since the child is under the age of 18.

Do not carry your social security card replacement, credit/debit cards, or passports if you don’t plan to utilize them. Carry only credit and debit cards that you need for the day. Same goes for any other personal identification. If you must have it on you, (i.e. Driver’s License/I.D) ensure that it is secure. If you are at work, be sure to keep your wallet/purse in a safe place. Places of employment are known for having wallets or purses stolen. Do the same with any copies of administrative forms that might have your personal information on it.

Look for “no fee” credit cards when you’re shopping around for the best deal. Why should you pay $25 or more each year for the privilege of carrying a lender’s card? That’s nonsense! They should be paying you! But since that will never happen, you’ll have to be content with a card that at least doesn’t charge you a fee for having it.

Tip: whatever you do, don’t let your minor child have his own social security card replacement media profile. If she insists, do not let her post any pictures or any other information. She can even use an alias. Make sure you monitor her usage closely (insist on having her username and password).

Make a copy of all of your credit cards and IDs, front and back. This will make it easier for you to replace any cards that are in your wallet when it is stolen or lost. Once you have made the copies, you will have each cards number and expiration date. And usually the number you need to call to report it lost or stolen is right on the back of the card, so you will have that too at your fingertips. Obviously, leave the copies at home. Do not carry them in your wallet, or that will have been a complete waste of your time.

So you may want a professional to do it for you. You can simply go to Walgreens or somewhere similar, and have it done. The process should only take a few minutes, and your picture should be ready in an hour or two. And it costs about nine dollars if you go to Walgreens.

If you have very good credit, don’t settle for less than you deserve. If you are paying more than 12 – 15% interest on your credit cards, then you’re paying too much. Think about it. With the prime interest rate at 9 or 10%, lenders that charge 18% or more interest per year on credit card balances have their hands on your checkbook! You should be able to obtain a credit card rate for between 10% and 12%.

If you answered B to any of the questions above, you have some more soul searching to do. Take your time and don’t rush into anything. You do not necessarily have to change your name the minute after you are married – you can do it later. You want to be happy with your name. It is a part of you and you want to say it with joy and not cringe when you hear someone call you. If you change your name when you don’t really want to, it will be a daily source of frustration that could lead to more problems over time.

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