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If you’re passionate about carp fishing, then selling up in the UK, moving to France and running a commercial carp lake is the dream of many UK carp anglers. But it can be a challenging & frustrating task just to find the right lake. This series of 3 articles aims to give you a list of Do’s & Do Not’s that could save you lots of time and money.

Some new business people find it hard to settle on a single business idea because they are worried about missing out on new opportunities or narrowing their options too early on. But remember, even when you have started your business, it is possible to add new services or products, or even to begin a second or third business. You and your businesses will continue to grow and develop – so in selecting your first business idea you are not saying ‘no’ to other opportunities. However, to give your first business idea a really strong start you might need to put other ideas on hold for a while!

Boof! There it is. The unmistakable sound of the Barramundi fish jumping out of the water, catching some air before it hits the water again. Yes, this is it. Nothing like Northern territory fishing trips to shake off the stress and besides where else does a man want to be but on a Northern territory Angelurlaub Ungarn trip?

When we have guests fishing here, other than the obvious questions about tactics, the question asked most often is how we started on the road to our dream. I have long wanted to put pen to paper to help others who want to follow us over here and so this is it! The following tips are based on my experience and I suspect others may have had different experiences, but this is how it happened for us.

My final piece of advice would be don’t rush. I’ve been on eBay since the early days and it’s so easy to see something and think you have to buy it instantly because it looks like a once-in-a-lifetime bargain. Trust me, once-in-a-lifetime bargains are a regular occurrence on eBay!

This is one of the best places to fish during your holidays in Dorset. You and your family can spend the whole day picnicking and fishing on its vast area. Fly fishing is very popular in this private estate. You can spend a quiet, relaxing day, fishing. Make sure you reserve a place for your group at the earliest time possible. You can bring food or take advantage of the picnic hampers that the company offers. The idea is to enjoy fishing, cooking what you have caught and spending some quality time together with your family during your Torquay holidays…

When you go sport fishing for big game in Nassau, each fishing day is different. You never really know what will strike your baits when you go deep-sea fishing. The ocean is just one difficult body of water to predict and the occupants in it are just the same. Nassau is a fishing heaven.

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