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Teleseminars are a great way to prospect, sell, stay in touch with current customers and clients, build your list, and so much more. Here are just some of the ways you can use teleseminars to boost your business!

Naturally, there are plenty of advisors and agents that prescribe to Steve’s philosophy in the form of hitting people over the head with scheduled appointments, fact finders, applications, and sales pitches. Bottom line – it doesn’t work (not in the long run), you look bad, you play right into negative stereotypes, you come across as self centered, it isn’t nice, and you lose business – lots of it.

It is a waste of money to refinance your mortgage every three years. It is also untrue that if mortgage rates increase that the amount on your investments will go up as well! Has he ever heard of a recession?

Shop around to get the best possible deal. Have each lender fully explain their loan products so that you understand what they are offering. Be specific with your questions and ask them to explain anything you don’t understand to your satisfaction. Ask about the length or term of the loan, closing costs, other fees, and the interest rate.

Working with a bank for a commercial mortgage is similar to feeding the fat goldfish in your aquarium. They have come to expect food regularly provided them and will get around to eating when they are ready. On the other hand, working the commercial mortgage market through a broker is like dangling live bait over a shark tank. Lenders will go after the deal like a hungry shark, but you certainly don’t want to be the one holding the bait. That’s the job of your Mortgage Broker Brisbane. The result will be the right deal for your situation and you didn’t lose any fingers in the process (or your shirt for that matter). Notice I didn’t say lowest rate, I said best deal. Often one’s best financing option is not the lowest rate – more on that in another article.

For example, the borrower pays five percent down payment. Then, the mortgage lender closes the mortgage application. In the meantime, the borrower pays the PMI premiums. In the event of mortgage payment default, the mortgage lender receives the fifteen percent that the borrower is suppose to put as down payment.

The most common loan fees are for appraisals in the case of home loans, credit reports, the services of a tax professional, a determination of flood problems, a title search, abstract and examination, a premium paid on the title insurance, settlement fees, any attorneys fees, inspections for termites and other pets, any surveying that is needed, recording fees, and taxes.

Now just because I said start offline first, that does not mean you cant start to get your system setup to help with your Internet marketing. Here is a system that I use that all I had to do was plug in my information. This online system will help you generate 30+ leads a day.

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