Article Marketing – How To Article Market To Increase Search Engine Rankings

Like every other small business owner, you need to make sure that anything you do, provides you with the best possible return on investment. After all, in this day and age you need every penny you can get. Therefore when it comes to your marketing you should also have a well research plan. It doesn’t matter what type of marketing it is, Ad words – What keywords are you going to target, how much will you pay per click? Radio – Whose going to make your advert? Which station would be best for your demographic? In this article I’ll be talking about the importance of planning your leaflet distribution campaign.

If you are making a video based on a large article, or a popular theme, it is a good idea to create a series of videos on the same theme. You will not risk that your video gets too long, and if your audience likes it, they will return for the next part.

Does your leaflet fit easily into a pocket or bag? If not, it’s more likely to be binned. All leaflets should start as an A4 size, which are folded in half to A5 size or folded in three to become A6. Your design concept should start at the A4 level.

While submitting your post, Gather allows you to automatically share the article in your groups. This way your post will be featured on the home page of all the groups which will be viewed by thousands of members. This simple technique alone can send a lot of traffic to your blog.

Some traditional business processes have also changed dramatically. Take advertising. It used to be that newspaper, TV, radio and cheap leaflet printing were the hallmarks of just about any retail campaign. Today, social media is the new way to reach out to customers. Whereas in the past retailers could go to a media outlet or an ad agency and they would do the work, today you have to create the social media campaign yourself.

WordPress automatically pings when you make a new post but you can improve this automated Ping service by using the MBP-Ping-Optimzer and an improved list of ping services.

Consider that the quality of the leaflet design plays an important role in the conversion rate. For example, the difference between 0.5% conversion rate and a 1% conversion rate will mean that one leaflet converts at 5 leads per 1,000, whereas another will convert at 10 leads per 1,000, which makes a lot of difference. This will all be down to the quality of the design and call-to-action.

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Article Marketing – How To Article Market To Increase Search Engine Rankings

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