A Guide To The Best Crib Mattresses For Your Firstborn Baby

So, you are expecting a baby in a few months? Becoming a father or a mother gives a sense of fulfillment and joy. The coming of an additional member of the family is a very much anticipated event that involves a great deal of preparation. Aside from taking good care of the mother and the fetus in pre-natal care, decisions on feeding, clothing, hospital arrangements, selecting the baby’s crib takes a primary importance. The minute a newborn baby is discharged from the hospital, he will be spending much of his infant life in the crib. The crib will be the baby’s world inside the room where he would be sleeping and playing for hours. So in addition to finding the right crib, finding the right crib mattress to go along with it is important.

Health. Babies spend a good deal of time asleep in their cribs. This is especially true if you intend for your child to spend the night in his cot rather than in bed with you. Even if you co-sleep initially, chances are your child will spend a good part of the day napping, and later on playing, inside his crib. An Natural Baby mattress is healthier than one made of synthetic materials because it contains no harmful chemicals that will out-gas or release over time. Since these chemicals have been linked to poor health and developmental problems in children, it’s best to keep your baby away from them.

The cover is very important. It is in near to the baby’s skin. The cover should be 100% organic. The material used for the fire barrier should also contain no chemicals. Wool is a eco-friendly and fire-retardant and that is why it is now being used in production of bedding and other homeware.

When something is labeled organic it indicates it is made of materials which are toxin free. That is why you want to purchase an organic crib mattress; it won’t have the chemicals. Just like anything make sure you research the product. Some crib mattresses have organic material inside, but nonetheless have vinyl on the exterior, defeating the purpose. If you’re buying a non-organic mattress, make sure you give it plenty of time to air out before the child is born. Don’t air it out in the nursery; you may want to but in a room having an open window.

I do not need to stress out the important of a water proof mattress to your baby. But it is as much beneficial to you. With a water proof mattress, you do not have to go to the constant trouble of drying the mattress.

When we say organic and natural, it means they are without any chemical content. This will ensure that what your baby is using will not harm their health. Most of the ordinary mattresses today contain harsh and harmful chemicals. In fact, those chemicals are the reasons why they are difficult to reuse and recycle. Not even recycling shops accept those mattresses. Going for something organic or natural is like ditching the junk in your child’s food.

Both of these choices are readily available in most places today, so just be sure to get the best quality crib mattress that you can afford. Make sure that the mattress is firm, not soft, to support your baby properly!

Vi. What’s more, your kids require a constant body temperature throughout the day. It is very hard for a non-organic mattress to give your child a body temperature that is appropriate for his growth. However, when you buy a perfectly created organic mattress, you can rest assured that your kid will never catch a cold.

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A Guide To The Best Crib Mattresses For Your Firstborn Baby

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